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Living in most areas in Metro Manila will expose you and your loved ones to a wide variety of dangers. Aside from that, you’d also have to contend with a growing congestion problem in the big city. You also have to fit yourself and your family in a home that’s devoid of any creature comforts. Well, you’ll have none of those things when you make the big leap and relocate to Banyan Crest. Along with an ideal house and an area that supports your progress, you’ll also have a set of wonderful amenities that enhance your living standards.

If engaging in physical activities are your favored way to spend time, you’ll be happy to know there are several amenities that can help you in that aspect. First off, you can enjoy a whole afternoon playing basketball with your friends here. There’s a basketball court that’s always available for residents of Banyan Crest. What’s good about this is you don’t need to rent a court outside or go far to play ball. For water lovers out there, this property has a swimming pool inside its premises. This amenity helps you relax when the temperature gets too hot or gives you a place to build your physique without breaking a sweat. If you fancy other types of physical activity, there’s also a sports club within Banyan Crest. All of these are meant to give you a place to stay fit and have fun with your friends at the same time.

Having a different environment than your own house is certainly conducive when your friends come around. That environment can be provided by Banyan Crest’s clubhouse. It’s a spacious place where you can enjoy the company of like-minded people inside an establishment that can shelter you safely. Plus, you can enjoy special occasions here too. You won’t need to find a place far from your residence to celebrate a party. You just need to head on over to the clubhouse for any occasion that demand a celebration.

Teaching your kids the importance of life can be a bit tricky if you don’t have any visual aid to help you out. Thankfully, Banyan Crest has constructed a model farmhouse that houses a wide host of plant and animal life. You can spend a good part of your day here and enjoy this amenity with your kids.

Security is a very vital concern these days. With all the recent criminal activity going on, it’s only reasonable to take this matter seriously. To address this concern, the developers of Banyan Crest have enlisted the aid of well-trained security professionals to watch over you. These men and women are vigilant in keeping an eye on your safety and your belongings as well. With their help, you need not feat any harm falling upon you and your loved ones at home.

Enjoying a great life at home doesn’t need to be impossible. It’s actually attainable, with the help of various amenities that are meant to upgrade your stay at home. Find these amenities and enjoy the benefits they bring to you in Banyan Crest.

  • Sports Club
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gateway
  • Gate and Guard House
  • Model Farm
  • Clubhouse
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