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Designed for everyday living, your home at Timberland Heights is the perfect nature retreat. Only 15 minutes away from Quezon City, it feels like a world away as you bask in the cool climate and unpolluted environment, while enjoying the breathtaking mountainscape and the picturesque views of the city.

A big factor every home buyer considers in their decision is location. These folks are targeting a home that’s situated in an area where safety is of utmost importance. At the same time, their home should be easily accessed without the hindrance and hassle of traffic. There are other factors but it’s safe to say these two things are at the very top when the time comes to find a new residence. Fortunately, all your location-based worries are put to ease when you go for a house here in Banyan Crest.

Residents won’t have any trouble getting to this property, nor getting to important areas in the metro from Banyan Crest. Although it is situated in San Mateo, Rizal, it only takes 15 minutes to get to Marikina and Quezon City from there via C5. From this road, residents can travel to commercial and business districts in Taguig, Pasig, Makati, and Manila without any hassle.

At the same time, commuters will have it easy when it comes to travelling. This area is ripe with so many modes of public transportation, such as buses, vans, and jeepneys. With these public transport vehicles readily available for residents anytime, traffic won’t stand a chance of ruining your day.

Traffic is also not a factor when your basic and recreational needs are at stake. As soon as you step out of this property, it only takes a short while to get to places where you can shop for your home supplies, watch a movie, or dine out when the occasion calls for it. Commercial establishments, such as Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Puregold San Mateo, Robinson’s Metro East, and SM City San Mateo, among others, are just a stone’s throw away from Banyan Crest. These places will take care of your domestic and entertainment needs without taking you too far away from home.

Health is definitely wealth when it comes to your loved ones. Your residence in Banyan Crest ensures your well-being is accounted for with its location close to quality hospitals. Medical institutions, such as Marikina Valley Center, Casimiro Ynares Memorial Hospital, and East Avenue Medical Center, surround this property for your convenience when the need comes along.

Don’t fret too about your children’s education and how your relocation to Banyan Crest might affect their studies. Schools, such as ICCT Colleges, St. Matthew College, Ateneo De Manila University, and University of the Philippines are just a short drive away from this property. In this way, you can monitor your child’s performance constantly.

A person depends on a great location of a home to easily handle any need. While others constantly struggle to achieve a harmonious balance between distance, work, school, and other important factors, you can have it easy with your future home in Banyan Crest.

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